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Mohan Ji Pansari Herbal Products have a legacy of over 70 years, with the objective of design, develop, manufacture and sale of genuine, high quality Ayurvedic and Ayurvedic concept based Botanical (Herbal) products in the local and other markets. The company commenced its operations initially by launching a range of traditional Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical preparations to the local market after developing quality plans for standardized batches conforming to the quality standards required by the autorized agencies. This range of products consisted of traditional medicinal preparations such as Arishtas, Asavas, Kwathas, Choornas, Oils, Rasayanas, Avalehas, Grithas, Gulis, and Syrups etc. Mohanji distributed its pharmaceutical range mainly to the Ayurvedic physicians, Ayurvedic pharmacies, hospitals and clinics, Ayurveda resorts and hotels etc. The initial responses on the quality and the prices of the products from the customers were very much encouraging.

In early 2001, the company started developing a range of genuine consumer healthcare products purely based on Ayurvedic concepts and teachings. As of today the company has successfully launched 20 new Ayurvedic concepts based herbal consumer products under the brand name of “MohanJi's Herbal Product”.

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